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AmeriCorps service in X

Budgeting for your service year

In addition to a biweekly living stipend, you’ll receive free healthcare coverage, and deferment of your student loans during your AmeriCorps service year. To help you envision how to make your budget work, we’ve offered some resources below about living in, and getting around, X.


Affordable neighborhoods in X

Wondering where many of our College Possible AmeriCorps coaches live? Here are three X neighborhoods to scope out for housing if you’re looking for an affordable one-bedroom apartment. They’re easily accessible by public transportation and stipend-budget friendly.

  • X

  • X

  • X

Looking for a roommate?

You’ll have a chance to meet fellow incoming coaches before the school year begins for more roommate possibilities. You can also check out Diggz and Silvernest, apps offering roommate matching and house sharing services. 

Check out these housing apps

Find affordable rentals not listed on other, more-common apps:


Getting to work



Where Austin coaches hang out

  • X

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