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Open positions for returners

If you are a currently serving College Possible AmeriCorps member who would like to apply for a second year of service, explore our returner roles below.

To apply, select from the positions and service locations below, then click "Apply Now"

Returner College Access and Success Coach

2023-2024 service year start  //  10-11 month service term

As an returner AmeriCorps College Access and Success Coach, your service will focus on coaching and supporting high school juniors, high school seniors, and/or current college students who are seeking to earn a college degree. You will be matched as either a College Access Coach who supports high school students in selecting, applying to, and attending the college of their dreams, or a College Success Coach who supports college students in persisting through college graduation.

Returner Catalyze College Success Coach

2023-2024 service year start  //  12-month service term

Returner Catalyze College Success Coaches are recent college graduates of one of our partner institutions listed to the right. Catalyze coaches work full-time alongside our partner institution staff members to support first-generation college students and Pell-recipient students to persist through college graduation. As an alumni of the college where they serve, Catalyze coaches share their deep campus knowledge and recent experience to help their students navigate campus and academic systems, build relationships, access available resources, and create a sense of community.

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