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Frequently asked questions

  • I see positions open for “AmeriCorps State/National,” "Catalyze AmeriCorps" and “AmeriCorps VISTA”. What’s the difference between these roles?
    College Possible offers AmeriCorps State/National, Catalyze AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA member service positions. Each is offered through the same national service organization, the Corporation for National and Community Service. If you are looking for a hands-on service experience working directly with the public and students, then our College Possible AmeriCorps State/National service roles could be right for you. AmeriCorps State/National will give you a more personalized service year where you can serve one-on-one with the community. Catalyze AmeriCorps roles are open to recent graduates of the partner universities in which the members are placed; members serve in full time, on campus roles to eligible college students enrolled at that university. Look for roles that list a university in the job title. AmeriCorps VISTA service roles are usually designed to build a social impact organization’s capacity behind the scenes. College Possible VISTA members will support our organization in needed areas like community outreach strategies, administrative duties, grant writing, etc.
  • How much is the "living stipend" and when will I receive it?
    State/national and VISTA AmeriCorps members receive a modest annual "living allowance" that is paid either biweekly (every two weeks) or bimonthly (twice a month). For a detailed breakdown of the annual living allowance and corresponding biweekly or bimonthly living stipend available for our range of AmeriCorps positions, visit our "Compensation Details" page here: If you have further questions about this compensation, please contact a recruiter at:
  • What is the “education award”?
    The AmeriCorps member education award is a financial benefit provided at the end of service that can be used to repay student loans and/or used on future educational expenses. The amount of the education award for full time state/national service members at the completion of 1,700 hours of service is $6,895.00 for the 2023-2024 service year. In addition, AmeriCorps members can defer federal student loans during their term of service. To be eligible for loan deferment, a 10.5-month (August-June) or 12-month (August-July) commitment is required.
  • When do I receive the education award?
    The AmeriCorps education award is given to the member after their term of service is completed (after 10 or 12 months, depending on position).
  • Is there health coverage available?
    Yes, health coverage (medical only) is offered at no cost to the AmeriCorps members.
  • Am I able to have an additional (part-time) job?
    AmeriCorps State/National and VISTA allow members to hold another job during their term of service. Outside commitments must not interfere with the obligations of a College Possible term of service and are generally limited to part-time employment.
  • Are there part-time service roles available?
    College Possible occasionally has part-time service roles available or roles with a shorter term of service. Check our Open Service Positions page for more information.
  • I am currently in a service year with College Possible. Am I eligible to apply for an additional year of service?
    A member may serve up to nine terms of service across the various AmeriCorps streams regardless of the type of term (full time, half time, quarter time etc) as depicted below. However, a member may only receive the value of two full-time education awards. AmeriCorps State and National: 4 terms VISTA: 5 terms
  • Who can I contact if I need help completing my application or have questions?
    We encourage everyone to attend one of our information sessions prior to applying - here we’ll help answer the most common questions about service and the application process while giving you an opportunity to talk with our recruiters live. Visit our Information Session page for details and to register: Additional questions can be sent to:
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